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Aviary - INDOOR
​The year 2017 brought lots of changes to the farm.  One of which was starting our INDOOR aviary.   So in the future we will be raising some great exotic parrots.  

Meet CAPONE.  Capone has been with us for a couple years now.  he is a Congo African Grey.  
Capone is a very sweet boy (to the girls in the house)  Men - NOT SO MUCH! 

I have a breeder pair of Congo African Greys as well.  

Meet GEORGE.  George is a white bellied caique.  George is my husband's bird and a RIOT!  He loves to play with toys...hop...and re-do your hair!  He hangs out on your head most of the day if you let him.  

We have 2 pair of breeders - so we should have caiques in 2018~

Breeding right now.
Parrottlets - The indoor aviary has 3 pair of Parrottlets.  These little bundles of love are the smallest of the parrot species.  They are super sweet when hand raised. 

We are hoping for a few hatch-lings in 2017 so stay tuned!

Updated 10-16-17

Congo African Greys - one chick (SOLD)
Dilute Green Cheek pair on Eggs (1 hatched so far)
White Bellied Caiques - (breeding right now)
Double Headed Amazons (Breeding right now)
Indian Ringnecks
Meyers Parrots
Sun Conures
Blue Headed Pionus
Goffin Cockatoos
Major Mitchell Cockatoos
Quaker parrots

Meet SAM...Sam is an Umbrella Cockatoo and EVERYONE that meets Sam just falls in love with him.  We will not be breeding Too's at this time...but he is a VERY special boy!
Meet Kia and Mojo.  Kia is a Green Wing Macaw, Mojo is a Blue and Gold Macaw.  This is a proven pair we just added to our aviary.  We will be working on having Harlequin baby macaws in 2018 from this pair!
Just acquired a pair of Major Mitchell Cockatoos.  

Hoping for a hatch in 2018
Meet Baby and Johnny...The Hahn's Mini Macaw!

Baby was first in our lives...and a super, super sweet little parrot.  I decided to get her a mate and when Johnny arrived they were so in love from the second they met.  It will be a few years before we have a hatch but LOVE these little macaws!
My Bird Partner Lori has a few pair as well...

Dilute Green Cheek (5 babies taking deposits!)

2 Pineapple, 2 regular 1 might be turquoise!​