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The Aviary
We are a new Aviary - 2014 we concentrated on breeding Call ducks. 2016 & 2017 we will continue to breed calls, along with exotic breeds.  Here is the list we are hoping for:

Call Ducks:
White - $60 a pair - Expecting in 2017
Butterscotch - $60 a pair - Very limited for 2017
Grey - $60 a pair - Expecting in 2017
Black East Indies - $60 a pair -  5 DRAKES (2016 hatch) $10 each. Expecting in 2017
Dusky - $60 a pair -2 PAIR LEFT
Blue Fawn - $60 a pair -Expecting in 2017

Wood Ducks - $75 a pair - Expecting in 2017
Mandarins regular - $80 a pair  - Expecting in 2017
Mandarins White - $125  a pair  - Expecting in 2017

Peacocks - 2017 list will be out in January.  Breeding the following colors:  India Blue, Black Shoulder, Charcoal, India Blue Silver, Opal Pied White Eyed and possible India Blue White eyed.  Peacocks will be ready in either October or November when they are old enough to be sexed.   Click HERE for peafowl pricing and colors.  

Mute - $800 a pair  - 3 Signets hatched.
Trumpeters - $2600 a pair - Hoping for 2018

Availability is usually the fall of every year.  Deposits will be taken and your birds will be held until the appropriate shipping times - usually late September or October.  Contact me for availability of any birds.   Shipping rates are approximately $80 per box.  

Our Aviary is open by appointment only.

We are located in McNabb, Illinois - approximately 1 hour from Peoria, and 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Chicago.  

We can take weekday evening appointments and usually 1 day on the weekends.  

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