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McNabb, Illinois
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Holland Lops Rabbits for Sale
My family and I raise Holland Lops.  We are a small breeder, with around 60 holes.  I strive to raise high quality rabbits and buy only the best show stock for breeding.  If you are looking for a Holland Lop bunny for sale...give me a call. We have babies available most of the time throughout the year.  I will take a waiting list as well if you are looking for a specific color.  In 2016 we added Netherland Dwarfs to our family as well!  

 We are located in North Central Illinois.

IRBA & ARBA Holland Lop Breeder and IRBA & ARBA Holland Lop Breeder
Our Rabbitry is open by appointment only.

We are located in McNabb, Illinois - approximately 1 hour from Peoria, and 1 1/2 to 2 hours from Chicago.  

We can take weekday evening appointments and usually 1 day on the weekends.  

If you decide on a rabbit - a $50.00 non-refundable deposit will be taken to hold until pickup date.  Your bunny will be held until 10 days after it is ready to go to his/her new home.  After the 10 days is up - the bunny will go back up for sale.  Thanks for understanding.  

​Please note we do not deliver. 

Pickup dates are subject to change depending on the well being of the baby.  If they are not gaining weight properly or are not eating as good as they should be - I will hold them for an additional week or 10 days beyond their ready date.  The goal is always for the health and well being of the baby!
Please note due to my husband having a stroke I have very limited availability at this time.  I have obligations to take care of him, plus run the farm by myself and work my job full time. Please text as much as possible as it is hard to focus my attention on a phone call. 
Please plan to arrive on time for your appointments.  I thank you for your understanding.  My availability right now is generally:  Weekdays from 1-6 pm.  Saturdays from 1-7pm and Sundays from 11-4pm.  These times can change so please understand I will do my best to accommodate your pickup.  But I cannot do later in the evenings.

If you are looking for a 4-H or show bunny please let me know in advance!  I will take more time to evaluate and get you a bun with show potential.   But if I don't know you are looking for show quality you most likely will not get show quality. 
PLEASE NOTE...If you are interested in a bunny, please read the policies page before sending your deposit.  By sending your deposit you are agreeing to the policies listed on that page.   Click here to go to that page. 



The Color Seal start dark like black and then lighten as they grow to a gorgeous mix of black and grey.  See photo here for what they turn out like.
The Color Siamese Sable start dark like black and then lighten as they grow to a gorgeous mix of Dark and lighter brown, See photo here for what they turn out like.
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There are plush lops available!!!  Please check out their page.
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Located in McNabb, Illinois
Mom: Fiona     Dad:  Chandler

Opal Buck,   and Chinchilla buck  

$150 (On Sale for September $130)

Ready NOW
Mom: Pearl     Dad:  Chandler

Chinchilla Buck 

​$150  (On Sale for September $130)

Ready NOW
Mom:  Karley     Dad:  Gizmo

Broken Tort Doe - with show potential.


Ready NOW
Mom:  Mertle    Dad:  Smoke

Siamese Sable Doe

$150 (On Sale for September $130)

Ready NOW
Mom:  Clover    Dad:  Griffin

Broken Black Otter Buck, Blue Otter Buck

$150 (On Sale for September $130)

Ready NOW
Mom:  Maple     Dad:  Smoke

Siamese Sable Buck

$150 (On Sale for September $130)

Ready NOW
Mom:  Charlotte    Dad:  Gizmo

Broken Tort Doe

$175 ( show potential)

Ready NOW
Mom:  Aurora    Dad:  Gizmo

​Tort Buck, Broken Tort Doe,  Tort Buck, Broken Sable Point Doe


Ready NOW
Mom:  Josie    Dad:  Chandler

​Chinchilla Doe


Ready September 26
Mom:  Olive     Dad:  Chandler

​Frosted Pearl Buck, Chinchilla Doe


Ready September 26
Mom:  Sally     Dad:  Gizmo

​Broken Blue Tort Doe, Broken Tort Doe


Ready September 27
Mom:  Fiona     Dad:  Chandler

​Sable Chin Buck, Chinchilla Doe, Chinchilla Buck, Chinchilla Buck, Chinchilla Doe


Ready September 29
Mom:  Fannie      Dad:  Chandler

​ Frosted Pearl Buck


Ready September 30
Mom:  Promises      Dad:  Gizmo

​Tort doe,  Broken Tort Doe and Sable Point Buck


Ready October 2
Mom:  Pearl        Dad:  Chandler

​Sable Point Buck, Frosted Pearl Doe, Dark Frosted Pearl Buck


Ready October 3
Mom:  Nellie        Dad:  Thor

​Blue Doe, Lilac Otter Doe, Broken Black Otter Doe


Ready October 8