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Feathered & Furry Foto Farm Policies
We are very happy you are interested in a Holland Lop or Netherland Dwarf to add to your family!  

Please make sure to read the below policies before you decide to purchase a baby from us.



 -  We are located on a farm in the middle of the smallest county in Illinois.  In order to get to our farm I will be giving you directions from the small town of McNabb.  The farm address does NOT work with GPS.  So you WILL have to follow directions from the town of McNabb.  So please plan appropriately.  If you are not comfortable driving in that kind of environment or with following directions, please bring someone with you who is.  I would also plan to come during the daytime rather than at night.  There are no street lights in the country.  I cannot leave the farm to come and get you or bring the bunny to you.   Also please note - cel phone signal is not great in my area either.  GPS units work, but your cel phone may not.  

- Plan to bring something to take your baby home in.  You can use a carrier or a box (that can be shut) with a towel.  I occasionally have boxes, but not often.  I do not suggest letting the bunny loose in your car.  This can cause an accident if the bunny runs under your gas or brake pedal.  Plus the bunny is more comfortable in a carrier than loose in an unfamiliar area.  When bunnies go home they can jump out of a 2 foot play pen already - so a box you can shut is preferred.


- The photos on the website are generally taken when the bunny is between the ages of 4 and 5 weeks.  The bunny will get bigger....when you come to pick up your bunny it will be larger then the one in the photo at the age of 4 -5 weeks old.  An adult Holland Lop can weigh 3-4 lbs and an adult Netherland between 2-3 lbs.   Unless you are looking for a show rabbit - I will NOT take more photos of the babies.  Each time they are out for photos it can be stressful.  Stress can kill a baby rabbit.  So I DO NOT take them out for multiple photo shoots.  Thanks for your understanding - the health of the babies comes first. 

- Instructions are sent home on litter training, bonding with your new baby and what foods they can and cannot eat after 6 months.  I will also send home the pelleted food they are used to eating - it will be enough to get them transferred to your pellet.  Please follow the instructions closely.  These instructions are intended to help transition your baby as stress free as possible.  

- Bunnies under 6 months CANNOT have veggies, fruit, grass or any food treats.  They can kill your bunny!!!!  Before bunnies reach 6 months of age they cannot digest fruits and veggies properly.   

-  Babies are susceptible to diarrhea.  Diarrhea can be caused by stress and changes in food. Diarrhea can kill a young rabbit in a matter of hours.  I recommend that your baby remain on timothy hay and a complete bunny pellet (plain brown in color) only.  You can provide them chew toys, but please stick with this formula until they are 6 months old.  

- Stress is a very big item to be aware of.  When the baby leaves the rabbitry - they are already stressed.  It is natural because they do not know you, your home or the cage you are going to put him/her into.   When you get your new baby home, please leave him/her in one room of your home for the first week.  Let the bunny get used to your sights, sounds, smells, etc.  Please do not introduce any other pets for the first 7 days.  Dogs and Cats to a bunny are predators.  No matter how small or sweet your pets are - your new baby does not know that.  Instinct tells them that they may get eaten.  This causes stress.   Once the 7 days has passed introduce them to other areas of the house and pets slowly.  

- In nature - rabbits are prey.  So if a rabbit is sick, as soon as they show weakness that one is targeted to become prey.  Therefore, naturally rabbits do not show they are ill until they are REALLY sick.  Sometimes by the time you realize that your bunny is sick - it is almost too late.  So please make sure you are paying attention to how much food and water they are using.  Make sure you are watching to see if they are pooping and peeing.  If anything seems out of the ordinary - call a vet for advice.  There are times that one day they are jumping and playing and the next day they are gone.   Most informational sites say that sudden death can come from items the rabbit ate that are now causing a blockage - like a piece of carpet, plastic, etc.  Rabbits can also go into shock if frightened with very loud noises.  

- We will not sell any bunnies until they are at least 8 weeks old.  We reserve the right to terminate or refuse a sale at any point, prior to the final payment and pickup of the bunny.   

-  We do require a $50 holding deposit on any rabbit that you wish to purchase from us.  This deposit is NONREFUNDABLE, so please be sure you are certain you want the rabbit.  If you change your mind after you send a deposit - you DO NOT get your deposit back.  Holding deposits can be done by check or Paypal.  Please contact me for details.  The remaining balance is due in cash upon pickup.   If you decide to change your mind and switch to a different bunny after it is taken off the website - you will be charged $20.  So if you have a deposit of $50 and change bunnies - you will owe an additional $20 at pickup. 

-  Occasionally the baby that you picked out may not make it to 8 weeks of age.  This does not happen a lot but it does happen occasionally.  If this happens we will do our best to replace that bunny with another of the same color/sex and price.  If that color is not available, we can either return your deposit to you, offer another color or hold your deposit until another becomes available.  I strive to keep my clients informed if something does not look right with your selected baby.  

-  I wean bunnies at 6 weeks of age.  This allows them to adjust to the change in diet for at least 2 weeks before they are ready to go to their new home.  Once in a while after weaning the babies from their mothers, one in a litter will either lose weight or fail to gain weight.  If this happens - this can delay the pickup date.  You would not be charged for any additional days, but please understand that I strive to send that baby home 100% healthy and that comes first.  I will give the owner as much notice as I can.  I will NOT place a bunny in a new home before 8 weeks of age - no acceptions.

-  After the non refundable deposit is received on a bunny you will have 10 days after the bunny turns 8 weeks old to pick the bunny up.  If you need to make other arrangements please contact me in advance.  Any additional days are subject to a $5.00 a day fee unless we have made other agreed upon arrangements.

-  We sex our bunnies between 3 and 4 weeks old and mistakes are sometimes made - we are not perfect (no one is).  I try to remember to check the sex of your baby when you arrive in front of you. If I forget, please ask and I would be happy to show you.  We will NOT refund or exchange any bunny after it leaves the farm because of wrong sex.  Please check the sex of your bunny BEFORE leaving the farm.

-  Our bunnies are healthy to our knowledge.  We will NOT knowingly sell any sick rabbits under any circumstances.  We will not sell any rabbit showing outward signs of infection, sore hocks, snuffles or any other visible illness.  I try to examine the babies the night before your arrival to make sure there are no problems.  If for some reason you arrive and your bunny does not look 100% healthy I reserve the right to not send that bunny home with you.   This is only for the health of that bunny.  That bunny might be ok in a couple of days, but if not feeling well and sent to a new environment - the added stress will likely kill that baby.  Illnesses can come up suddenly in species that are preyed upon.  I do my best to catch everything as soon as possible but I cannot see what is going on inside the bunny.  NO CASH REFUNDS.  No vet bills will be reimbursed, under any circumstances.  We offer a full replacement warranty of same color rabbit & value when available within the limits outlined below - Any rabbit that dies within 7 days of purchase.  Verification of the death must be provided in order to provide a replacement bunny.  

- The rabbitry is wormed at intervals throughout the year.  We also treat 4 times a year for coccidia.   If you plan to have your rabbit outside at all you will need to speak with your vet about worming your rabbit.  Rabbits can catch worms from being out in the grass.

-  We handle our rabbits on a daily basis. As such all of our rabbits have good temperament. We will not sell any animal that shows signs of aggression or biting.  

-  We cannot guarantee personality, fertility or promise of wins on the show table.  We cannot know for sure what a baby will look like as a senior or how much it will weigh.  For this reason it is up to you as the buyer to do your homework on the breed you are buying and make sure you know what you are buying.  We strive to better the quality of the bunnies we are raising.  

- Please plan to arrive ON TIME for your appointment.  I understand that traffic issues can happen, however, most customers are coming from Chicago and you will need to plan for traffic.  I make appointments every 30 minutes.  If you are running late - it puts a rush on other clients that are here on time for their appointment. Please understand that if you are running early - you can text me and see if I have room to get you in early.  I would prefer you do NOT pull into the driveway and hang out waiting.  This is a working farm and I plan all chores and feeding around my appointments.  The welfare of the animals comes first.  


*  Cage or rabbit hutch.  A lot of people ask me on what size they will need.  My only advice is this:  It depends on the amount of time that your bunny will spend outside it's cage.  If the bunny gets lots of exercise every day you can get by with a smaller cage.  

*  Water bowl or water bottle or both.  I have all the babies drinking out of water bottles.  They will convert to a bowl easily.  

*  Food dish

*  Rabbit pellet feed (please try to find a complete feed that is plain brown in color and for babies)  I an ADM product called Pen Pals

*  Timothy hay and hay feeder

*  A piece of a 2x4 wood for chewing to keep the teeth healthy or wood toys from a pet store

*  Bedding - I used a pelleted wood bedding.  Paper, or corn cob bedding is good as well.  Any wood shavings tend to emit Ammonia.  You may not be happy with that smell so I do not recommend wood shavings.

*  Litter pan (optional)  (go with the cat size - NOT the smaller corner one)

*  Slicker brush for grooming (not much grooming is required)

*  Pet nail clippers

*  Toys - bunnies LOVE to play!  

*  For treats you can use plain cheerios and/or Quaker oats!
After reading the below policies I would be happy to receive your deposit.  By sending the deposit that means you agree with the following policies.  Non-refundable deposits are now $50.00.   Thank you.
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