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McNabb, Illinois
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Mini Plush Lops
Mini Plush Lops are a new, very rare specialty pet. They are the perfect bundle of everything you could ever want in a pet bunny; sweet disposition, small size (only 3-4.5 lbs!), cute floppy ears, and unbelievably soft velvet fur. Something that makes these rabbits really special is their lack of shedding! Mini Plush Lops will molt twice a year but once the molt is over there is no excessive shedding. This, along with the fact that they don’t produce dander like other common pets, can make the Mini Plush Lop a better choice of pet for those who suffer from allergies to other animals.

2020 I decided to purchase a few Mini Plush Lops.  I currently have a trio.  The first litter is HERE and will be ready in January.  

Prices for Mini Plush Lops are $250 - $400.  Depending on color and quality.  

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Located in McNabb, Illinois
Suzie (Blue) X Vinny (Chestnut)

1 harlequin, 1 REW buck and 4 Chestnut (2 bucks and 2 does)

Will be ready on April 10

$200 for REW
$250 for Chestnut

Sasha (Black VM) X Vinny(Chestnut)

​3 Chesnuts - 2 bucks and 1 doe

Will be ready on April 12

$250 for Chestnut