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McNabb, Illinois
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This male is for sale


Currently we are not breeding white​


We do get Cameo but I only have one hen - so very few so being on the waiting list for this color is very important

Opal Pied White Eyed

We Typically get quite a few Opal and Opal pied - this is a very hardy color.

Currently not raising purple

Pricing (Prices are per bird in the fall of the same hatch year)
Older birds will be priced higher
Each pattern on the bird adds to the price. Prices are subject to change.

*  Cameo male - $250
*  Cameo Hen - $250
*  Opal Pied White Eyed male - $300
*  Opal Pied White Eyed Hen - $300
*  Black Shoulder Silver Pied Male - $200
*  Black Shoulder Silver Pied Hen - $275
*  Buford Bronze Black Shoulder Male - $150
*  Buford Bronze Black Shoulder Hen - $150
*  India Blue Silver Pied Male - $150
*  India Blue Silver Pied Hen -  $275
*  White male - $225
*  White Hen - $300
*  Black Shoulder India Blue Male - $125
*  Black Shoulder India Blue Hen - $250
*  India Blue Male - $125
*  India Blue Hen - $175
*  India Blue Pied Male - $175
*  India Blue Pied Hen - $225
*  Purple Male - $350
*  Purple Hen - $350
*  Purple Silver Pied Male - $400
*  Purple Silver Pied Hen - $475

Buford Bronze

I have Buford Bronze Black Shoulder and Buford Bronze White eyed.

Silver Pied

I have India Blue Silver Pied and  Black Shoulder Silver Pied.

India Blue

We raise quite a few blue and Blue black shoulder chicks every year.  Get on the list early for Blue - it is the most popular color!

Please note that I will ship anywhere in the US.  The older the bird - the bigger the box that is required.  Birds that are a few months old can be shipped in a smaller box ($20 each).  Larger birds must be shipped in a large box ($50 each).  All come USPS.  USPS charges by weight.  The more weight - the more the cost.  In "general"  the cost to ship a pair in a large box is currently running anywhere from $85 - $164 depending on your location. 
2024 Waiting list for chicks is OPEN!  Text 815-993-4320 to be added.  Chicks are hatching now through the end of July.

I do have a 2 year old white male as well as some 2023 hatch left.  Call for availability